Considering a career in teaching?

If you are looking to train in a Teaching course, in Dublin, then our award winning training centre may just be the right choice for you.Teaching is a dynamic, challenging and rewarding job. Read on to find out how to get started in your teaching career and some of the career options available to you. Everyone who wishes to teach should start with an internationally recognised, accredited and professional teaching qualification – just like the ones on offer at CIBHT

'Be the best you can be'

Award in Education & Training - Train the Trainer.
If you are considering a teaching career then this might be a good way to get started. This short course is the introductory level teaching qualification. Run over 4 days you will begin to develop your knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of the teacher. Delve into subjects such as the planning and delivery of lectures, resources for learning and assessment of a student’s progress.

If you are already in a training role and have no teaching qualification this could be the ideal solution for you. This is the perfect qualification for those wishing to teach short, 1-2 day courses and is ideal for getting your teaching career started. Many ‘in-house’ trainers find this to be the perfect help they need to give them the confidence when delivering their training courses.

'The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts' - C.S. Lewis

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Certificate in Education & Training:
If you would like to go further with your teaching career – perhaps you have already completed the Award or you just want to dive in and get going with a strong teaching qualification, then this is the course for you. The Certificate is the ideal qualification if you want to teach larger courses, ones that run over a number of months instead of just a few days.
You will learn how to develop your lesson structure using a course syllabus, plan and deliver your course as well as assessing your learners’ progress. Become familiar with actively engaging with students in a classroom through class practice where you will get help and guidance from a team of experienced professionals who are there to support you as you progress.
If you are thinking of making teaching your career then this is the qualification for you – run over seven months you will take part in a minimum of 30 hours teaching practice as well as attending classes.

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Already a Teacher – the next step is:

Award in Assessing
Perhaps you are already a teacher and have been wondering about your career path – the next step is to become an Assessor - all of the tutors at IBHT have completed their Assessor training and are qualified Assessors.
This short course is an essential for any training centre wishing to deliver valid qualifications and also for a teacher wishing to advance their career.
The Assessor is in charge of checking and verifying that their learners are achieving their qualification. The Assessor role is a very responsible one and is the first part of the quality assurance system integral to the fairness of how qualifications are delivered and awarded.
When a student has achieved all aspects of their course to the required standard, the Assessor can sign off on it, passing it to the next person in the quality assurance process – the Internal Quality Assurer (IQA)

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Award in Internal Quality Assurance:
The Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) is in charge of checking and making sure that all the Assessor’s decisions are standardised, accurate and legitimate. They work closely with the assessment team and with the awarding body to ensure the highest quality in a training organisations assessment practices. If the IQA is confident in the Assessors procedures they will then complete and pass on the relevant paperwork to the person in the next stage of the process.
A teacher/assessor, who has some experience in assessment procedures and processes would be ideally placed to take on this qualification. When an IQA has gained some experience in their field the next step in their career could be to qualify as an External Quality Assurer (EQA).
The EQA works for the awarding body (City & Guilds, ITEC, VTCT etc) and will make a number of visits to training organisations each year to ensure all of the people involved in the delivery and assessment of training are meeting the required criteria. Ultimately it is the EQA who will sign off on a student’s qualifications allowing the college to claim for their certificates.

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Many teachers have gone on to furthering the promotion and development of educational policies both at a national and European level and many sit on various boards and councils. In the 2011 Dail out of a total of 154 seats filled, 30 of these TDs were former national and secondary school teachers, pre-school teachers and university lecturers. That number was down from 2007 when 38 politicians who previously worked in education entered the Dail.

A career in teaching can be an exciting one and can lead to many opportunities - if you would like to know more about getting your teaching career started you can contact the college by clicking HERE.

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