5 Steps to your new career in Beauty


Step 1 - Is a job in Beauty for me?

1. Are you a people person   
2. Do you have a good eye for detail
3. Do you like to like to see results
4. If you have answered yes then a job in beauty is for you

Step 2 - How do I get a job in beauty?

1. Find a college
2. View the college
3. Make sure it offers recognised qualifications, VTCT, ITEC, AIT, FHT etc
4. Sign up for a beauty course, study hard and voilà your new career awaits you.

Step 3 - Getting into the Beauty job market

1. Love all things beauty - check
2. Have your shiny new Diploma – check
3. Get insurance, this is vital before you work on anyone!
4. Get work experience - offer yourself out to the best of salons, they will be lucky to have you and you them. This is like a test drive to see how you both like each other. Remember, real word experience looks fantastic on the CV .

Step 4 - Landing that all important job in beauty

1. Presentation - look the part and be super groomed
2. Research – look in to the company/salon you are applying to and ask yourself how you can benefit their company/salon
3. Keep your CV clean, tell them all about your beauty experience, and qualifications, and passion for all things beauty - that summer job as a chamber maid not really be relevant here
4. Stay up to date with the latest beauty trends and keep training

Step 5 - Career Path for Beauty

There are literally hundreds of different jobs in this exceptional field, here are a few:

1. Beauty Therapist
2. Salon Manager
3. Salon Owner
4. Make-up artist in TV, Film etc
5. Brand Manager
6. Product developer
7. Sales rep
8. Trainer
9. Cruise ships
10. High end department stores
11. Aesthetician

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