Live Your Dream Career working in Beauty!

If you are looking to train in a recognised beauty course, in Dublin, then our award winning training centre may just be the right choice for you. All of our Beauty courses are accredited, international and fully insurable qualifications which are highly sought after and fully recognised by both employers and insurers alike. 

The study and practice of Beauty Therapy dates back to ancient times, Cleopatra was famed for bathing in milk to help keep her skin pale, soft and supple. The ancient people, men and women, used oils, perfumes and eye paints in their everyday life. When we think of Cleopatra we think of her legendary beauty and her stunningly kohled eyes.

Modern Beauty therapy stems from this glorious past. The study of Beauty Therapy can lead to a highly rewarding and successful career. If you are simply thinking of earning some extra money, with flexible hours then a career in Beauty could be the perfect fit.  Employment opportunities can range from working as a mobile therapist, freelance therapist, working from home, salon, spa, department store, Steiner cruise ships, Management roles Spas / Salons’, Brand Educator / brand manager, training and education or owning your own business, the sky is the limit! 

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